Blackbear's New album "The Afterglow"

Blackbear's New album The Afterglow photo 1
Blackbear worked for two years on his album The Afterglow premiered today (04/20). And for $ 5 you will receive a short film of 22 minutes.  “It’s practically an EP with 4 songs, 4 interludes, so it looks like 8 songs. Album this is all real, 100% of it, the first song is called” New Years Eve “. Guess it depends if they are listening or watching. if they are watching, they will probably become fans as people become fans of authors, books, or directors. “He says about the album.  Help get #TheAfterglow trend on Twitter!! The Afterglow is up for FREE STREAM ON soundcloud!
Tracking list  1 NYE
2 Valley Girls
3 Califormula
4 Grey LA
5 The Lobby 6 Hotel Andrea